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International Communication Services


Translations and Linguistic Services

What makes a good translation? There is definitely more to it than just replacing a word one language with a word in the other. At best, a machine translation can result in some very amusing and highly inaccurate phrasings. At worst, it could undermine your company’s reputation.

Each text translation poses different challenges. You may need to tailor it exactly to a particular target group. A good translator has mastered the art of completely reproducing a text in another language and in the right idiom. The readers should be unaware that they are reading a translation.

For your peace of mind, you need a translator that:

  • Has the required expertise
  • The ability to express a topic accurately
  • To use an appropriate and correct style
This can only be achieved by a qualified translator who is a native speaker of the target language.

You can increase and ensure the accuracy of any translation by providing the translator with additional background information. “Free translations” have their limitations; the translation must be a faithful rendering of the message within the original text. Ensure that you have the most direct communication channel and sufficient contact between you and “your” translator. This dramatically reduces the risk of misunderstandings and errors that could cost you time and money and may even have a negative impact on your business’ reputation..

My offer to you

English is the language of international scientific research. Most of my translation work is therefore from English into German. Occasionally, I also translate from French, e.g.  in the field of cosmetics. I speak several additional languages, namely Italian, Dutch and Arabic.

I use sophisticated CAT translation tools so that I can return your electronic documents with their original formatting. A further benefit of working with Translation Memory is that it allows me to customise translations exactly to your wishes. This is done with your feedback. As a result, I can then  offer attractive discounts for similar future texts and repetitions.

Do have a look at my list of previous clients: Clients

In emergencies, I can work at weekends at an additional rate.

My areas of expertise are

  • Medicine, medical devices, diagnostics, pharmacy, clinical studies, alternative medicine, cosmetics, nutrition, tourism

I regularly translate the following types of texts:

  • Scientific texts and articles
  • Documents for clinical studies (synopses, patient information and informed consent)
  • Operating instructions and manuals
  • Promotional material (sales aids)
  • Websites
  • Educational material
  • Press releases
  • Questionnaires
  • General texts, i. e., management, psychology, esotericism, IT, horse-riding and snooker

Complete package

The complete package includes both translation and proofreading from a single source. I have a network of competent colleagues who are also members of BDÜ. Where requested, we cooperate to peer review specific texts, providing a professionally translated and accurate copy ready for printing. We maintain a high standard of confidentiality and data protection.

Last but not least: If you require translations into another language or special expertise in another field, please feel free to contact me and I will be happy to personally recommend suitably qualified colleagues.

Contact me to ensure that your company translation strategy gives you -
A Mix of professional translations that shine:

Angelika Mix
International Communication Services

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International Communication Services